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FOREWORD: Please be aware that this post is not an official RICS guidance.

All the advice given in this blog is based on my personal interpretation of the APC Candidate’s Guide which I have enhanced through many discussions with fellow APC Mentors and APC Assessors.

Sonia Desloges MRICS


You came across this so I guess that you would like to become MRICS as soon as possible… but how do you get started?

To pass your APC and become MRICS, you must prepare a written submission (approximately 10,000 words), complete at least 48 hour CPD for every 12-month period, pass an online ethical test and sit a one-hour interview. It is a substantial commitment but trust me, the knowledge and pride that you will gain from it is worth every effort!

But first thing first! If you have not already done it, you need to enrol onto the APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) using the on-line wizard on the RICS website. (Link to the wizard here) Make sure that you have at hand an electronic copy of your qualifications, a chartered surveyor who has accepted to act as your counsellor (including his / her membership number) and a way to pay for the appropriate fee.

In larger organisations, your line manager may act as your day-to-day mentor. He / she would be referred to as your supervisor which is an optional role and they do not have to be chartered. A more senior person will act as your counsellor which is a mandatory role. Your counsellor (and your supervisor if you have one) will need to sign off your submission so you will need to review your progress with them regularly.

If no one is chartered in your organisation, you will need to find someone in your professional network who accepts to take on this responsibility. The level of support that you will receive can be very limited and investing in private mentoring services such as APC Support Limited will almost certainly be required to boost your chances of success.

Following your enrolment, the RICS will contact you to confirm the earliest date when you will be eligible to sit your interview and send you your login details for ARC, which is the online platform to write and issue your submission. If you do not receive the e-mail, give them a call and they will be happy to assist.

Routes to Chartership

Before enrolling through the online wizard, you may find it useful to understand the various entry requirements.

Please check your options in this post: Routes to MRICS Chartership.


Submission windows / deadlines

For construction pathways, the deadlines are:

For Spring interviews (Session 1):

Preliminary review:

  • By 31st October (UK)
  • 01 – 15 September (GCC countries)

Submit documentation between:

  • 15 – 31 March (UK)
  • 01 – 15 March (GCC countries)   


  • Mid-June (UK)
  • May (GCC countries)

For Autumn interviews (Session 2):

Preliminary review:

  • By 30th April (UK)
  • 01 – 15 March (GCC countries)

Submit documentation between:

  • 15 – 30 September (UK)
  • 01 – 15 September (GCC countries)   


  • Late November (UK)
  • October (GCC countries)

For land and property pathways, the deadlines and interviews are a month earlier.

If you are sitting your APC outside the UK, you can obtain your local guidance on the RICS website in the ‘APC Final Assessment’ section by selecting the appropriate country on top of the RICS website.

Guidance and Templates

  • APC Submission Template (Word document)

Your closed study companion during your APC preparation will be your pathway guide. This guide will explain you how to meet the APC requirements under each competency. You can download a copy from the RICS website at this link

Click on your pathway and check that you are looking at the correct section whether you are aiming for Assoc membership or full chartered membership (MRICS).

  • APC Submission Template (Word document)

The RICS used to have a word version of the online submission that you must complete on ARC. It was extremely useful to prepare your drafts as you cannot print from ARC.

APC Support Ltd sells a Word Template for the Summary of Experience which includes the detailed list of topics that you should cover under each competency and pre-drafted sections to ensure that you structure your levels 2 and 3 correctly. You only need to fill the gaps and re-write it in your own words. The template is available at this link.

I deal with the submission documents in a separate post: ‘Understanding the APC Submission Documents’.

  • Candidate guide (PDF)

This guide briefly explains the APC process and is available from the RICS website at this link.

  • APC Progress records

This is no longer available from the RICS but I strongly recommend you that record your progress and training needs on an excel spreadsheet. You should present it to your counsellor or supervisor – the RICS recommends every 3 months – and discuss with them how they may assist you to achieve the relevant skills and experience.

Having written records of your progress and counsellor meetings will greatly help your counsellor to plan your training and demonstrate that you are taking responsibility for your APC.

  • Log book

This is a document that inflight candidates need to incorporate into their APC submission template if they are required to carry out a period of structured training.

If you are an inflight candidate and cannot locate a copy, you can download one here: Log Book – Commercial Property Practice. Obviously, you will need to change the competencies to suit your pathway!

You do not need to use it if you enrolled after 1st January 2017 as it will be automatically populated on ARC.

  • APC candidate diary template

This is no longer in use as candidates must now record their diary on ARC.

For more information on the diary and the log book, please read my previous post ‘Completing your APC diary’.

I have published a number of other posts, which you may find useful as you progress in your APC preparation:

Case study part 1: Selecting your key issue

Case study part 2: Writing to the requisite format

Case Study – Part 3: Perfecting your draft.

The interview: the assessor’s perspective

How do you convert your 3000 word case study into a 10-minute presentation?

Visual aids for your presentation


Further help

If you require a detailed review of your APC submission documents, we offer this service for APC candidates in most pathways both in the UK and outside the UK. Please visit our website for more information:

If you need to enhance your understanding of the competencies, APC Support Ltd offer on-demand revision webinars covering all the technical and mandatory competencies in Quantity Surveying, Built Infrastructure, Building Surveying, Building Control, Project Management and Facilities Management.

Alternatively, we offer face-to-face training for corporate clients across the UK. Please e-mail us at to discuss your requirements.

All the modules are recorded and will provide you with over 30 hours of formal CPD. You can attend them on a pay-as-you-go basis or subscribe to our unlimited revision package.

Feel free to send me an invite on LinkedIn if you would like to be notified of our latest events.


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