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FOREWORD: Please be aware that this post is not an official RICS guidance.

All the advice given in this blog is based on my personal interpretation of the APC Candidate’s Guide which I have enhanced through many discussions with fellow APC Mentors and APC Assessors.

Sonia Desloges MRICS


You came across this so I guess that one of your top goals is to become MRICS as soon as possible… but how do you get started?

First thing first, if you have not already done it, you need to enrol onto the APC on the RICS website. Use the on-line wizard to establish whether you need to follow a period a structured training or not. (Link to the wizard here)

Following your enrolment, the RICS will contact you to confirm the earliest date when you will be eligible to sit your interview. Many candidates elect to defer their interview in order to make sure that they have gained sufficient relevant experience, so do not feel under pressure to rush into it!

Key Dates and fees

The required fees and deadlines for enrolment and preliminary review (if relevant) are contained in the RICS guidance available here: APC Enrolment supplementary guide – Oct 2015

The deadline to send your APC Submission Template depends on your pathway and you can find the UK dates in the Final Assessment Guide Aug 2015 UK.

For construction pathways, the deadlines are:

For Spring interviews (Session 1):

Preliminary review: By 8th November (UAE / Dubai/Rest of GCC)

                                        By 30th November (UK)

Apply between:         1 – 6 February  (UAE / Dubai)

                                       8-15 February (UK)

                                       20 – 24 February (Rest of GCC)

Submit documentation between:

                                       24 – 28 February (UAE / Dubai)

                                       17 – 21 March (Rest of GCC)

                                       15 – 31 March (UK)

For Autumn interviews (Session 2):

Preliminary review:  By 2nd May  (UAE / Dubai/Rest of GCC)

                                        By 31st May (UK)

Apply between:          17 – 21 July (UAE / Dubai)

                                        8-15 August (UK)

                                        20 – 24 August (Rest of GCC)

Submit documentation between:

                                        06 – 10 August (UAE / Dubai)

                                        10 – 14 September (Rest of GCC)

                                        15 – 30 September (UK)

For land and property pathways, the deadlines and interviews are a month earlier.

If you are sitting your APC outside the UK, you can obtain your local guidance on the RICS website in the ‘APC Final Assessment’ section by selecting the appropriate country on top of the RICS website.

Preliminary review

If you hold a non-RICS accredited degree, you may still enrol onto the APC if you have sufficient experience or are already a member of a RICS approved professional body.

Please call the RICS Membership Operations on 044 (0)24 7686 8433 (or your local RICS office if you are outside the UK), to check whether you qualify.

You will not need to follow a period of structured training but you will need to attend a couple of on-line training sessions and send your submission for preliminary review. A team of assessors will decide whether your submission is of sufficient quality to be sent for final assessment. If so, you will be given the opportunity to fine-tune your submission based on the assessors’ feedback before sending your final version.

Submission documents

You need to download a number of useful documents from the RICS website at this link

Click on your pathway and check that you are looking at the correct section whether you are aiming for Assoc membership or full chartered membership (MRICS).

We will find a number of documents for download under each pathway;

  • APC Submission Template (Word document)

This is the only document that all APC candidates must submit.

I deal with the submission template in a separate post: ‘Understanding the APC Submission Template’.

  • Several guides (PDF)

They contain answers to most candidates’ questions so do take the time to read them!

  • APC Self assessment form

You can use this template to record your progress and training needs with your counsellor or supervisor, which the RICS recommends to discussed every 3 months. You do not have to submit this document so you may use your own template or keep it completely informal if it suits you better.

  • Log book

This is a document that you need to incorporate into your APC submission template if you are required to carry out a period of structured training.

Generally candidates with less than 5 year experience need to follow a minimum 24 months and those with less than 10 years, 12 months.

The log book records the amount of experience in days that you have gained in each competency each year. It is populated from your APC diary.

  • APC candidate diary template

You need to record your professional experience on a regular basis in this template in order to work out the totals for your log book but you do not have to submit it.

The RICS template is not really user friendly so I have created an excel version that automatically calculates your log book for you.

To access the diary template and more information on the diary and the log book, please read my previous post ‘Free excel template for APC diary’.

I have published a number of other posts, which you may find useful as you progress in your APC preparation:

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Best of luck!