The purpose of this blog is to offer you useful, no nonsense tips and advice on a range of APC topics.

APC Support Ltd is a group of independent APC coaches located in Manchester, UK, but we offer support to APC candidates all over the UK and the MENA region.

At APC Support Ltd, we specialise in the Construction pathways (Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying, Project Management and Infrastructure). We are also proud to cover the Facilities Management, Commercial Property, Valuation and Residential pathways through our trusted partner, Property Elite.

We offer a 12-month training programme  guiding candidates through their APC journey step by step. This includes 4 months of weekly revision modules on all the technical and mandatory competencies and a number of workshops on the APC templates, writing the case study, the 10-minute presentation and APC hot topics. All our events are held online so candidates can attend wherever they are located in the world.

Please check our website or the Calendar of Events on the right-hand side for our current events.

Our programme also includes a documentation review service, one-to-one mentoring and mock interviews, and can be accelerated in 5 months.

You may follow us on Twitter @APCsupport_Ltd for all the latest APC news and events, check our website www.apcsupport-ltd.co.uk or e-mail us at Sonia@APCsupport-ltd.co.uk.

Best of luck!


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